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Our Fees...

Fee Type Cost
Welsh Athletics Affiliation £12/year (year 4 & above) £19.50/year (Seniors, at least 20 on 31st Dec) due by April 1st - payable by bank transfer
Annual Membership £31/year (year 3 & below, includes insurance) or £19/year (year 4 & above) - payable by bank transfer
Training Fees £15/month for 1 weekly session, £20/month for 2 weekly sessions or £25/month for 3 weekly sessions - payable by monthly standing order
Competition Fees Extra depending on what events your child wants to do

Our Training Times...

At Rhiw Syr Dafydd Junior School, Oakdale:

Monday Invite only Multi Event Coach Anna 18.00-19:00
Event Squad Endurance coaches Deb, John and Gerwyn 18.00-19.00
Tuesday Event Squad Multi Events Coach Anna 18:00-19:45
Run jump throw U11 18.00-19.00
Development Multi Events 18.00-19.00
Wednesday Beginners and Development Mini's Training -Coach Andy 18.00-19.00
Thursday Minis Training - Coach Neil & Gavin 18.00-19.00
Event Squad Sprinting - Coach Matt and Bryony 18.00-19:00
Development Multi Events Coach Ken and Hillary 18.00-19.00
Development Multi Events - Coach Ken and Hillary 19.00-20.00
Event Squad Endurance coaches Deb,Chris, John and Gerwyn 19.00-20.00
Competitive Squad
All competitive sessions are closed and can be attended by invite only. All members training in the competitive sessions are expected to compete for the club in competitions appropriate to their ability. Please contact the age group Team Manager for more information.